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Capitol Steps

The Capitol Steps, the only group in America that attempts to be funnier than the Congress, is a troupe of current and former Congressional staffers who monitor events and personalities on Capitol Hill, in the Oval Office, and in other centers of power and prestige around the world and then take a humorous look at serious issues while providing a nationwide laugh for mullions.

Over the past 10 years the group has recorded 11 albums, including “76 Bad Loans”, “We Arm the World”, “Stand By Your Dan,” and “Fools on the Hill,” also the title of their new book. Their albums have sold about 100,000 copies nationwide, and they perform three hundred shows a year all over the country, covering territory from Traverse City, Michigan to Tallahassee and from Pasadena to Pensacola.

No topic or official is sacred to the group. From President Reagan’s reputation as an Oval Office sleepyhead to President Bush’s thousand Points of light; from the trade deficit to defense spending to Supreme Court decisions, the Capitol Steps consistently offer their own humorous brand of insight and analysis.

Although the Steps are based in Washington, DC ninety percent of their performances are out-of town or for out-of-town audiences. Whether it’s a performance for the National Welding Supply Association, a University audience, or State Legislators, audiences love to laugh at political pokes at public figures like Bill Clinton--who plays the saxophone “without inhaling”; Marilyn Quayle singing“I Want a Man With a Slow Mind”; or Jerry Brown in “Ground Control to Jerry Brown”. The only complaints they get are from politicians and personalities who are not included in the program!