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Strolling Music

Not quite classical, not quite pop, but always musically sumptuous and visually inviting, strolling music adds a level of elegance and ambiance like no other musical style. With a repertoire that ranges from Viennese waltzes and the american music theater, to top 40 hits, there will always be something familiar in the air.

Often our clients will choose larger complements of eight musicians or more to meet and greet their guests at major gala events, line grand staircases and to perform during dinners. On the other hand, smaller groupings are used to affect an intimate presence at events such as cocktail receptions and brunches.

But the real advantage that strolling holds over all other ensembles is its ability to refocus attention throughout an event by moving around the venue. And since it is basically an acoustic presentation, it is always conducive to both conversation and listening. Special event sites that limit amplification welcome its ability to keep volume in check.

All of this together with the professionalism of our musicians will keep your guests delighted and relaxed as they enjoy your talent for hosting an outstanding affair.